Publications - Computational Epigenetics

Selected publications

Recent theses

  • Bock, C. (2008) Computational Epigenetics - Bioinformatic methods for epigenome prediction, DNA methylation mapping and cancer epigenetics, Saarland University. PhD thesis.
  • Schüffler, P. (2008) MethMarker: A toolkit for design, optimization and validation of DNA methylation biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and therapy optimization, Saarland University. Master thesis.
  • Feuerbach, L. (2007) Towards Comparative Epigenomics: A Pilot Study on DNA Methylation of CpG Islands on Human Chromosome 21, Saarland University. Master thesis.
  • Kircher, M. (2007) In silico analysis of microRNA genes on human chromosome 14 and mouse chromosome 12, Saarland University. Master thesis.
  • Halachev, K. (2006) EpiGRAPH•regression: A toolkit for (epi-)genomic correlation analysis and prediction of quantitative attributes, Saarland University. Master thesis.
  • Glaab, E. (2006) On the predictability of CpG methylation in human tissue at single basepair resolution, Saarland University. Bachelor thesis.